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Soft Pepper / services / software development: web application and website development

Software Development: web application and website development

Software Development: web application and website development

Website creation and custom software application development  delivered by IT experts to help you save time and money for your business

Software applications and websites for businesses all over the world

Why choose us?

·     Business and technological know-how reflected in the high quality of web applications and websites delivered to customers

·        Constant communication and flexibility throughout the different stages of customer software development projects

·        Ability to transform business requirements into executable lines of code

·        Impeccable word procedures and ethics in delivering custom software development services


Area of expertise:

  • Software design & consulting
  • Software architecture & custom software development
  • Web application development
  • Website creation
  • Database development

By applying advanced project management and software development methodologies like Agile Software Development, we develop and implement a wide range of custom software solutions from desktop apps and web apps to solutions like: ERP, ticketing systems/incident management apps, broker apps, etc.

We make sure we keep the pace with the latest changes in technology and leverage them in order to help you overcome your most difficult challenges. Our services consisting in web applications development and website creation areperfectly adapted to your requirements, taking into consideration your feedback throughout all the phases of the development we carefully plan:

Phases of project development:

Business analysis. If you have a new project, we give you consultancy in order to define requirements for the software app or website, or if you already have them mapped out, we help you validate and prioritize them.

Project planning. Our team puts at your service its technological and business acumen, creating a strategy for the web app development or website creation, that documents the project structure, project outcomes, cost estimation, etc.

Project management. Our project managers are the interlinks between you and the rest of the team. They are responsible for creating the project planning and schedules, for evaluating risks, leading the team and making sure the project is delivered on time and on budget.


Software development. The skilled software developers in our team will take care of all operations involved in web apps and website creation, but also of all elements that make up the software you opted for: computer programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing involved in creating applications and frameworks 

Software applications available on the market may not be adapted to you business needs or may contain additional modules and functions you don’t need. Depending on your requirements, on the analysis of the workflow and process in your company and using the latest technologies, we can deliver dedicated software applications, which can help you stay efficient, even on competitive markets. Examples of websites and custom software applications, developed for Soft Pepper’s clients:

  • top management reporting systems
  • insurance platforms development
  • custom software development of: ERP solutions, ticketing systems / incident management apps, broker apps
  • migration from Charisma to custom ERP
  • development of SEO optimized websites



  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SSRS


Some of our previous software development projects: 

OKasig.ro – Insurance portal created for our client Euro Arc Insurance Broker, which allows the issuance of 100% online insurance policies

Top Management BI – Business Intelligence web platform which facilitates making fast and smart business decisions

ERP migration – Replacement of a non-performing ERP solution with a new one, customized to the business model of International Leasing. During the process, all data was safely migrated.

Aviogo.ro – Creation of a professional website, optimized for conversions, which presents the offer of office cubicles and open space offices for rent

Smartmove.consulting- Development of a website presenting services offered by the company Smart Move Consulting. 


We work in a very organized way, respecting software development conventions and procedures. We make sure the code that we write is transparent, easy to modify and written in the same manner. Curious about our work methodology? Read more about development environments and software development stages:

-   Development environment. It is used by each programmer. At the end of each task, a testing and cross code review process takes place, where programmers check each other’s code.

- Testing environment.  The solution migrates from the development environment to the testing environment, where the build process starts, during which the code is checked for bugs and errors of logic.

-   User acceptance test environment. If the solution is compliant, then it is uploaded on the user acceptance test environment (UAT), where the client can access the application in order to give his approval.  

-  Production environment. Although in the testing environment, build and deploy are done automatically, in the production environment we chose to do the build manually, in order to avoid discrepancies caused by the production server. 


Do you have a project that involves app software development or website creation?  Request a quote by filling in the contact form below or by contacting us at  +40 372 129 290

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