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Our mission is to represent a standard of excellence in regards to Software as a Service applications (cloud apps). For this reason, we have built and we strive to continually develop the Soft Pepper SaaS ecosystem by adding new functionalities, process automations, graphic interface and user experience optimizations. We also aim for building strong relationships with our clients, based on:

the autonomy clients will get by using Soft Pepper products

level of performance clients will reach by using Soft Pepper products

trust, honesty and respect, values which we commit to provide to clients using Soft Pepper products

open and transparent communication process which we engage to sustain, in providing Soft Pepper products


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    Lots of software solutions are designed to establish a dependency relationship with their users. We want our users to be free and autonomous, therefore we focus on integrating in our solution a maximum degree of operational freedom. By the means of solutions that are flexible, self-manageable and configurable by the end users we manage to offer user autonomy to customers who utilize Soft Pepper solutions. In our team, this value is reflected in the provided feelings of freedom, independence, and responsibility each team member enjoys and manifests. This way everyone’s vision is discussed, analyzed and implemented with a lot of creativity and innovation. 

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    We are addicted to performance and perfection in regards to the work we do but mostly in regards to the results clients obtain as a consequence of using our solutions. We continuously strive for our clients to reach operational performance and we can guarantee its achievement, based on our solutions’ characteristics: integration, stability, scalability, security, flexibility and customization.

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    Trust | Honesty | Respect | Integrity

    Respect is a value encountered amongst our team, but also in the authentic relationships we develop with our clients. We are 100% responsible for client projects, for what we communicate, deliver and for clients’ security and data confidentiality.

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    To us, evolution is a natural tendency which manifests itself on multiple levels:

    • We want to support the evolution and development of our clients by providing them solutions that are modern, performant and customized to their business model. Also, we want to be close to our clients in order to quickly respond to their requirements whenever they need us.

    • Humanly, because we encourage professional and personal development of each team member

    • Technologically, given the fact we only use the latest generation and modern technologies, whose level of security is maximum.

    • We develop, enhance and continuously streamline our solutions, from business and technological viewpoints

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    We encourage open and honest communication and the idea that all team members can contribute in some way and make changes inside and outside the company. We adopt the same position towards our clients, whose opinion is very important for us, influencing our actions and the software solutions we provide. 

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Chef Laurentiu <br /> Managing Partner
Chef Laurentiu
Managing Partner

Laurentiu as cofounder of Soft Pepper Solutions leads the development, design and IT support team ...
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Chef Alexandru <br /> IT Consultant
Chef Alexandru
IT Consultant

Chef Alex <br /> Software apps Consultant
Chef Alex
Software apps Consultant

Chef Andrei <br /> Full Stack Software Developer
Chef Andrei
Full Stack Software Developer

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